Product and Shipping Information

Product and Shipping Information


All of our stainless steel products are laser-cut out of stainless steel sheet from one to one and a half millimeters thickness.

Each piece is sanded by hand and therefore it receives a unique custom interface .

The eges of the article are not cylindrically ground to preserve the clarity of the design - thereby may create sharp edges. Furthermore, we assume no liability for improper use of our decorative items .

Barrier 's style stainless steel accessories are purely decorative items and not suitable as toys for children!

Depending on the item, our products are provided with predetermined breaking points for bending the edges . This can easily be done by hand, requiring no tools .



Delivery is by letter mail or DHL - depending on size and weight of the ordered products .

Standardshipping (Germany only):

Max. 500 Gramm, letter 25cm x 35cm (WxL): € 2,20

Max. 1000 Gramm, letter 25cm x 35cm (WxL): € 2,20

Max. 5000 Gramm, packet:  € 7,90

Max. 10000 Gramm, packet:  € 9,90


EU - Shipping:

Max. 500 Gramm, letter 25cm x 35cm (WxL): € 5,20

Max. 1000 Gramm, letter 25cm x 35cm (WxL): € 9,50

Max. 5000 Gramm, packet:  € 19,00